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He is surprisingly good looking and he is here to help you with everything Flatter World. Ask him a question about getting started with one of our fun apps in your classroom or send him a digital high five!

"We can't guess all of the questions you may have... but here are a few to get you started"

Q: I'm a teacher, do you offer any apps besides Flat Stanley for the iPhone?

We do! Have you heard of Edmodo? We have 6 other apps in the Edmodo app store. Click on the Edmodo logo below to view all our apps

Q: Are you affiliated with the Flat Stanley Project?

We are! Our iPhone & Edmodo apps are the digital form of the Flat Stanley Project. We receive Stanleys around the world by mail and through our mobile app all the time. Feel free to send us your Flat Stanley!

Q: I'm a teacher using the Flat Stanley app in Edmodo, why does my app look different than the kids?

Great question! The teacher dashboard is a great way for teachers to see where their students Flat Stanley or Flat Stellas are visiting at all times. The teachers view of the app allows teachers to connect with other teachers. The childrens view allows children to explore different classrooms, and visit cool places like Hewlett Packard, F.E.M.A., etc.

Q: I'm a teacher and I want my classroom to participate in the orginal project and the iPhone app at the same time, any suggestions?

Perfect! Your classroom can learn great skills from both!

Both are great for reading, writing, and overall communication skills. The project by mail is an excellent way for students to practice penmanship. The Edmodo app and iPhone app will help their typing skills, and is a great way to get a faster response.

Q: Where can I download Flatter World apps?

Below are links to the Edmodo and iTunes App Stores

Q: How do I send a digital Stanley or Stella to someone in the iPhone app?

Easy as pie! In the app go to the "Explore" page. Blue dots are individual users. Simply tap on the blue dot and chose the person you want to send your Flat Stanley or Stella to. We have also have partnered with some cool organizations. Send your Flat Stanley or Stella to learn about computers with Hewlett Packard or learn about about safety and how to prepare for natural disasters with F.E.M.A. (Federal Emergency Management Agency).

Q: What is Flat Stanley's favorite food?

Stanley enjoys peanut butter and apricot jelly sandwiches. Stella prefers strawberry jelly.

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